1. What is CAHAN?

The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is a secure web-based system accessible anytime and anywhere for emergency planning and response communication with public health partners. The Emergency Preparedness Office administers CAHAN to facilitate alerting and collaboration between Federal, State, Local County Health Departments, Clinics, Hospitals, and other public health emergency partners on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.


2. What is the purpose of CAHAN?

To have the ability to receive and confirm CAHAN alerts in minutes from state and local government during emergencies, urgent events, disasters, and transmit relevant information about emergency issues to public health and medical partners. CAHAN also provides a central collaborative work environment for health and medical emergency partners to securely share and store confidential and sensitive information.

3. Who participates in CAHAN?

Currently, there are over 33,000 users participating in the California Health Alert Network. CAHAN participants represent the following organizations:

      • California Department of Public Health
      • California Department of Health Care Services
      • California Health and Human Services Agency
      • Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
      • Emergency Medical Services Authority
      • Local Health Departments
      • Medical Providers
      • Hospitals
      • Clinics
      • Long-Term Care Facilities
      • First Responders
      • Law Enforcements
      • Schools

4. What is a Health Alert Network (HAN) Coordinator?

HAN coordinators are responsible for the coordination, implementation, and maintenance of the California Health Alert Network for their agency or jurisdiction. HAN Coordinators are a critical link between State Agencies, Local Jurisdictions, and public health emergency partners.

5. When do I use CAHAN?

CAHAN is used for a variety of purposes:

  • Maintaining updated and accurate information in your user profile
  • Sending, receiving, confirming alerts
  • Accessing information in the Document Library (i.e. health related fact sheets, response plans, after action reports, press releases, reference materials, and information related to drills and exercises)

6. How can I participate in CAHAN?

You may enroll in CAHAN using the following ways: